Clothing & Footwear

With most hobbies and interests, the appropriate clothing and footwear is a must have to get the most out of your activities. Shooting and fishing are no exception, and the correct attire is perhaps more so important than other sports. The British weather is notorious for being unpredictable and very miserable at times, and a good day’s sport could be easily ruined if you are unprepared. We provide clothing and footwear to suit all types of discipline and weather, and also have a range of sizes to fit almost everyone, including clothing for children.


With jackets, waistcoats, breeks, shirts, hats, trousers, socks, etc from a range of manufacturer, including Seeland, Beretta, Harkila, Sherwood Forest, Jack Pyke, Hoggs and Ridgeline, there are plenty of garments to choose from.


We also stock a variety of footwear, consisting of wellies, high leather boots, low boots, and brogues from a range of suppliers including Le Chameau, Hoggs, and Meindl. This ensures we have footwear to suit a variety of outdoor pursuits, from strolling across grass fields to marching through deep heather.


The Le Chameau Vierzonord neoprene lined Wellington is one of our best selling footwear items as gamekeepers, beaters and shooters alike choose make this their wellie of choice. This wellie has been put through its paces by many local sportsmen and it proves to be an enduring, warm and comfortable footwear. We have an extensive range of Le Chameau footwear in stock that can be tried on for comfort and size.


Whether it be winter or summer, rain or shine; Keith’s Sports will have clothing to suit you.