Pop Up Hides

We have just taken stock of a variety of quick erect shooting hides. Within 20 seconds you can be fully camouflaged from the incoming pigeons. There are three types from an RRP of £54.95.

The first is a round bale shape, ideal for the harvest season.


There is also a three sided hide that can be easily configured for a range of environments and is ideal for hedgeback shotgun work.


Finally there is a two sided hide that is perfect for rifle shooting, with several closable holes for the ideal positioning.


Vercelli Beach Casters

Our extensive range of sea fishing rods has now got even larger. We now have a wide range of Vercelli beach casters.

A Spanish compnay; Vercelli have introduced a wide range of reasonably priced continental style rods. Offering light weight and flexibility whilst still being able to cast weights of over 200g, these rods truly are the next generation in casting technology.


Mossberg Silenced Shotguns

We now have in stock a range of silenced pump action shotguns in both 20g and 0.410g. They really are a great option for evening/night shotgun shooting or for areas near housing where a standard shotgun is just too loud. They have a 3 cartridge capacity so fall under the Section 2 shotgun category. We have both synthetic and wooden stocked options.


Bird Puller

We now stock Bird Puller at Keith’s Sports, which is a game spice mix which is proven to attract both pheasants and partridges alike. It is useful for big estates where you want to keep the birds in the key areas of the shoot, yet is also ideal for small syndicates where birds are easily lost to neighbouring areas.


Our price is £35 for a 5kg tub, which is enough for up to 2.5 tonnes.