Shooting Equipment

As well as our large range of guns, we also have a variety of accessories and equipment for shooting. This includes items for most shooting disciplines, including lamping, wild fowling, decoying, stalking, dog training and more.

Our range of decoying equipment consists of decoys resembling pigeons, mallard, greylag geese, canadian geese, magpies and crows. We stock these decoys in the form of rigid shells, flexible shells, flocked shells, full bodies, sillosocks and FUDs. Along with the decoys we also stock hide poles, nets, bouncers, pigeon magnets, seats and bags.


Our lamping range consists of lamps that are both handheld and gun mountable, as well as battery packs and filters. The Deben Tracer range makes up the majority of our lamping equipment due to its superior performance and value for money. Within this range, there are lamps to suit all needs, with some capable of throwing beams up to 800m. We also stock the Tracer lithium battery packs, which provide an effective yet super lightweight power supply. We can offer discounts for combinations with lamps and battery packs.


We also stock gun bags and cases, both fabric and leather, as well as slings, spare magazines, chokes, bipods and more. Our telescopic sights are manufactured by the likes of Hawke, Nikko Sterling, MTC, but we can also supply the likes of Leupold and Zeiss upon request. Our scope range covers both small scopes for close range shooting, as well as high magnification scopes for long distance shots.


Here at Keith’s Sports we have the latest innovation in night vision equipment in the form of the Nite Site. This device can be attached to any rifle in under a minute, allowing the user to shoot in the daytime or pitch black without modification, and no extra sighting in is required. There are three models available, the Viper, Eagle and Wolf. The Viper is ideal for air rifle and .22 rimfire shooting where shots are taken a up to a distance of 100m, yet species can be spotted and identified much further. The Eagle is an intermediate model, rated for 300m and is for those shooting rifles such as a .17 HMR, a .22 WMR or a .22-250. The Wolf is for objects and animals up to a massive 500m range. The Nite Site removes the need for a lamp when shooting in the dark, and the quarry is completely unaware of your presence. It really is a must for gamekeepers and keen shooters alike. Check out the Nite Site website for more details


Plus, we stock a wide range of general accessories for shooting, such as cleaning kits, assorted shotgun beads (including the fibre optic beads), various calls, dog whistles, leads, dummies, hearing protection, ferret finders, snap caps and eye protection.